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About Us

Lex Counsel is established to assist the commercial and business community in such a way that they can concentrate in doing their business without being concerned about any legal or burocratic impediments. Lex Counsel believes, in business, time is the essence. Keeping this in mind we have set up a Chamber whose success lies in the approach of ''here and now'' while keeping the traditional values of the profession intact.

About the Chamber

Lex Counsel is a law Chamber located in Dhaka and Chottogram, Bangladesh consisting of Barristers, Advocates and Legal Consultants. Lex Counsel aims to resolve the client's issues in a simple, realistic, time-saving and cost effective manner.

Lex Counsel has established a reputation for breaking new ground and continues to be regarded as a progressive and forward-thinking set, maintaining success in traditional sectors of law whilst offering specialist advice and representation at the cutting edge of newly evolving areas.

Lex Counsel believes legal dispute can be resolved without being involved in a lengthy court battle. Lex Counsel has a separate wing that specialises in alternative legal dispute solution and provides service like arbitration, mediation and facilitation.


Traditionally there are certain core values that one would expect from any counsel-amongst them integrity, trust, loyalty, and pride in doing the job well.


To our clients we promise excellence. While acting as your lawyer we support you with our skill, intelligence and integrity. The Chamber believes that its clients' interests are best served by increasing specialization, strength in depth and above all an uncompromising attitude to quality and client service. The Chamber is dedicated to provide its clients with high quality specialist legal services through barristers, advocates and tax consultants with the highest reputation for advocacy, knowledge and professional standards.

International Services

Lex Counsel ensuring the highest quality advice and customer service worldwide to its clients on every occasion. We have significant experience of managing cross-border transactions and disputes which very frequently involve the instruction by us of lawyers in a multiplicity of foreign jurisdictions.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the capability to work effectively in a diverse workplace is vital. Our international experience is an advantage when we put into effect our skills, abilities and knowledge to gain the required outcomes for our clients.

We always deliver legal services at the most demanding international standards of professional quality and client service. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people across our practice and business services groups. Our continued success relies on our ability to provide a supportive, inclusive and motivating environment where everyone has a role to play in supporting the delivery of outstanding service to our international clients.


Lex Counsel wants to ensure that as a client one can always get in touch with a member of the Chamber who can give a satisfactory respond to their query. The Chamber will continue to keep its client informed about the current situation of their concern. The Chamber maintains the strict confidentiality with the client's information.

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